Monday, November 12, 2012

Moderators' Conference

This past week, the Moderators' Conference took place in Louisville, Kentucky, for all Presbyterian Church (USA) Presbytery and Synod moderators and moderators-elect.  The event was presented by leaders of the denomination to be a helpful introduction to the moderatorial year before us.  The meetings took place at The Brown Hotel and were augmented by visits to the Presbyterian Center.  Here are some photos...

Above, a general view of the Conference getting underway.  Below, the bulletin from the opening worship.

Above, a view of Presbyterian Center.  Below, a tour group in the Atrium of Presbyterian Center.
Just a quick look at this tour group shows you that the PC(USA) moderators are young and old, women and men, and if you were to chat with them a moment or two you would also find that they are both teaching elders (pastors) and ruling elders, from all across the United States.  A fine group of dedicated and faithful leaders who, when asked, said yes to serving as Presbytery or Synod moderators in the coming year. (One of the moderators in this photo is a ruling elder who is about to become a teaching elder).  The church is so blessed by those who respond earnestly to God's call.
Above and below, several views of the main stained glass window in the Atrium, depicting the Presbyterian Church (USA) symbol.  We have used variations of these same symbols in our Campanile windows at Wekiva Presbyterian Church.

The Presbyterian Center is formed from two historic buildings which were linked together to form one building.  The Atrium side walls are the exterior walls of the former Belknap Hardware Building.  The photos above and below show these walls, and the lion "eaves droppers" along the cornice.  Of course, lions are often used in Christian symbolism, so they seem quite appropriate here.

Above are the carved entry doors to the Chapel, carved by an artist from Mexico.  The Chapel is situated on the north side of the Presbyterian Center facing the Ohio River and the state of Indiana.  Below is a general view of the Chapel interior, which is filled with light.

As one enters the Chapel the Baptismal Font is placed in the center aisle.  As you can see, it is a striking design with the beautiful glass vessel to hold the water and reflect the light from the ceiling on to the floor.

In the Chancel is the Communion Table, with the hand thrown communion ware.

Through the Chancel window, the bridge linking Kentucky and Indiana can be seen (above and below).

As one draws nearer the Chancel window, the entire Louisville Riverfront may be seen.

The Chapel ceiling is alive with moving reflections of light as seen above.  The trellis work overhead holds a collection of beautiful glass prisms which are tilted at precise angles in order to allow the play of light to move across the ceiling as the day progresses.  The effect is uplifting and joyful.

Above and below are several views of the prisms that receive and pass along the light.  What a marvelous metaphor for the life of every follower of Jesus Christ--to receive The Light of the World and to share it freely with others.

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Marian McClure Taylor said...

May I use your photos for a church newsletter article where I'll introduce my congregation to their national center?