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Amazing Architecture of Sam Stoltz

Amazing Architecture of Sam Stoltz

Imagine finding this house on an otherwise ordinary street! Hansel and Gretel would feel right at home here. Or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Actually, the home is a creation of the Central Florida artist and architect, Sam Stoltz. He named the house The Plymouthonian (Number 2). Here is what he had to say about it...

"Nature confines her lines entirely to curves. Mount Plymouth, with its beautiful hills and valleys is full of curves. When we created The Plymouthonian, we followed the teachings of the old masters and modern artists, eliminating the usual harsh lines and produced a type of home in keeping with its surroundings, just as if it grew there - a part of landscape." - Sam Stoltz
There was actually a Plymouthonian No. 1; it was built for Vergal Bolyard of Indianapolis, Indiana. But it burned down in 1927. The Plymouthonian No. 2 is pictured here. Sam Stoltz told Oscar Torbert that he built the chimney so crooked on this one that no one would buy it. Even so, a man named George Cornelious bought it because he liked the chimney on this home more than any of the others.

For an interior view (not by me) click this link:

The house is currently for sale. Mount Plymouth is a charming town but it has seen better days. The golf course is currently closed. Before the resort hotel there burned down, it was the stopping place of famous people like Kate Smith. If you have to ask who she was, look her up and listen to her sing "God Bless America!" The Plymouthonian No. 2 is said to have been Al Capone's bookkeeper's home for a time and Al is said to have been a frequent visitor. The listing agent has looked but could not find the "rumored tunnels."

I asked our daughter Anne what she though would be the advantages of living in such a house. Immediately she mentioned the Stoltz bird murals, the pecky cypress and stone floors and the curb appeal that sets the house apart from others near by.

What sort of a house are you living in? By this I do not mean so much your physical place of residence as your spiritual place of residence. Are there some features of your spiritual home that allow your imagination and hopes to take wing, like the murals Mr. Stoltz painted? Are you building your spiritual house with quality materials--the equivalent of rare cypress wood and stone that lasts a lifetime? And what sort of "curb appeal" do you convey to others, about what God has done and is doing in your life? Do they find the love, joy and peace of Christ reflected in your face and in your actions? All of this is possible, you know, by putting your life in the hands of THE Master Artist and Builder.

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Here are the ways the listing agent describes the house:

The PLYMOUTHONIAN No. 2 - historical artistic creation by the renowned Builder Sam Stoltz depicting the history of Florida! Soaring 45 ft. Chimney; Stone and Wood Floors; Cypress Beams; Architectural Designs ; This beautiful 'historical' residence is enlivened by a fountain and a rustic interior stone fireplace w/ round plaster relief inset featuring a bird; wonderful colored and textured artistic walls; hammered metal chandelier; wood balusters of wavy irregular shapes; Mexican tile & Gothic archways in the bathrooms.

The Plymouthonian No. 2 is described as surpassing anything Stoltz had created, including half timbering in the gable ends, pointed window heads & rough stone trim and chimney. Many prominent persons have owned and occupied several of Sam Stoltz's homes, including 'Muppeteer Jim Henson' in Windermere!**

Art and Life abound in this unique 'Tudor Style' fascinating architecture pronounced as one of the most artistic 'Old World to the Modern New in the 1920's'. The Builders fascination with the birds and fauna of Florida led him to embellish his homes with depictions of herons, flamingos, fauna - sculpted in plaster relief and stucco. In-Law Suite; Workshop 40X20; Pole Barn 30X24.
Orlando Sentinel the late 1920's, Builders 'success' is a new departure with mural decorative painting, depicting the History of Florida. This magnificent Estate Home is 'Tudor-derived with Fairyland' as a theme, and 'Tudor Revival' as the style.

For a photo when the house was new (not by me) see this link:

It would be nice to know if there was a connection between Sam Stoltz's ideas and the well known Spadena House (also known as "The Witch's House" in Beverley Hills, shown below:

Read more about Sam Stoltz at:

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