Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thirty Years Ago... Today. Sort of...

The photograph is of yours truly, in my Master of Divinity robe and academic hood, on the day of my graduation from seminary.  Ordination was exactly thirty years ago today, at my home congregation, Highland Presbyterian Church in Lancaster, PA.  It was a great day, with all of the Lancaster Theological Seminary professors present, as well as a great gathering of family and friends. 

I am sure I have ordination photos somewhere, but the above photo would have been about two months prior.  It was made in my parents' front yard in East Petersburg, Pennsylvania, and yes, they planted that dogwood tree.

While we were together today, my parents brought out some "old photos" and Anne especially enjoyed seeing them.  You may, as well.  So I will post some of them here.  The next two were taken the same day as the first, as you can see...

With me in the above photo is our dog Angel, who was an angel.  Below are two photos of me with Judy, the first was taken today and the second is our engagement photo, take in South Bend in 1983.

The final photo in this trip down memory lane (below) is my First Grade school photo.  I wish I still had that sweater!

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