Friday, August 17, 2012

A Banner Day at Wekiva Presbyterian and Elsewhere!

So we are putting a new roof on the flat portions of the church, a project long anticipated and made possible because of the proceeds of the sale of the non-contiguous three acre parcel, some of which were set aside for this purpose by the Session.

All of this is quite helpful and exciting.

Wekiva's Property Manager Vic has been up on the roof many times as the work has been underway, and the last time he came down from there saying that it "sure is bright" due to the white membrane they put down and "iron" together.

A detail of the work at hand...

For safety's sake, the company who is doing the roofing has put up those yellow pennant strings of streamers one used to associate with used car lots (you know the kind). In fact, I think several church members were a tad concerned to leave their vehicles parked in the church parking lot last Sunday, for fear that someone would write a price on the windshield and sell them before the postlude was played. No, we would not do that.  Below you see photos of our parking lot and church with the roofing company's yellow pennants streaming...

But here is a funny, in the next photos, where you can see what I saw on Wekiva Springs Road this morning on my way to the church office...

One of our sister congregations has taken a cue from the yellow pennants, and has festooned their entire church parking lot with similar pennants--but these have no safety precaution associated with them.  They were hoisted to catch the eye of passers by!

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

Wekiva Presbyterian Church is flattered.


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