Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Did you read the article in yesterday's paper about the five houses that are going to be torn down unless someone claims and moves them?

It is down by Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando. The houses have been used as offices in the past decade or so but for many decades before that they sheltered families and nurtured lives. They could still do that, if some creative and fast moving folks will claim them and have them moved to some nearby lot (the city is even providing a list of lots that are waiting for them).

An adventure to be sure...and one that could be a lot of fun as well as challenging. If you have ever wanted to save and live in an historic home, now is your time and here is your chance.

Otherwise, the houses will be torn down.

The land that will be cleared (one way or the other) will be used to make Lake Eola Park larger. Joy Dickinson also featured this in her "Florida Flashback" column not long ago. 

There are good reasons to save and reuse old houses. 

Maybe you can help it happen...

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