Friday, June 22, 2018

Wekiva Presbyterian Church and the Glory to God Hymnals

We are getting to know the new Presbyterian Church USA) hymnals which the congregation dedicated the first Sunday in May. Now, two months into singing from them, they feel as if we have had them much longer. They function beautifully in worship, whether we are singing someting old or something new.

We served as a test congregation for the hymnal, so many of the new songs that found their way into the book were first sung here at Wekiva Presbyterian Church when they were being considered by the editorial committee. Three members of the congregation were asked to provide detailed responses to how the worshipers responded to each of the hymns.

On the Sunday we dedicated the new hymnals, I told the congregation that if we were to sing three hymns each Sunday without repeating any of them, it would take is a full five years to sing them all. So, we've only just begun! Come and sing some of them with us!

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