Friday, June 22, 2018

A New Sign

Wekiva Presbyterian Church has a new sign. It has digital capabilites as well as the name of the church. The sign was installed last week, and has been brought up to running condition as of today.

We are pleased that we will be able to share what's happening here with the large community, with just a few strokes of the keyboard. And we plan to share words of inspiration and humor as well. All this will be happening in the next several weeeks. The possibilities are great.

This is the fourth sign for the church. The first announced that our then-empty lot was the future site of a Presbyterian Church. True. That was in the mid-1970's. A second sign consisted of a V shaped pair of horizontal elements stating: Wekiva Presbyterian Church. That sign was in use until the end of the 1990's, when it was replaced by a sign that looked like a smaller version of the church's bell tower. Two weeks ago, that sign came down, and the new sign was built on the same foundation.

We hope this sign will serve on into the next several decades and well beyond, to welcome, inform, and inspire the Longwood-Wekiva area.

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