Friday, June 22, 2018

Cuba Partnership Lunch - June 22, 2018

Cuba Partnership Lunch - June 22, 2018

Today members of Wekiva Presbyterian Church gathered in fellowship with representtives of the El Centro Presbytery of Cuba, to contine our parnership relationship. Left to Right:

Ken and Lillian Lasseter, Becky Perry, Tom Roberts, Jacqueline Valdes, music director at Sancti Spiritus Church, Marlon I. Irrarragorrí, pastor of Cabaiguan Church and Treasurer of El Centro Presbytery, J, John Dalles, Kim Kim Harshman, Jim Brown, Dan and Betsy Bone.

Presbyterian History of Engagement
1890 – Cuba’s first Presbyterian Church established in Havana
1892 – Remedios Mission organized by missionary John Walton, an evangelical Presbyterian minister
1899 – Cardenas Mission founded by Evaristo Collazo and John Hall. Later renamed Juan G Hall Reformed Presbyterian
1946 – Evangelical Theological Seminary (SET) established in Matanzas
2017 – Wekiva Presbyterian Church forms a partnership with the Presbyterian Church in Remedios

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