Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Anne and Steven - Their First House

Such an exciting month or so it  has been, since Anne and Steven bought their first house.  It is near us - we are glad to say - in fact we could walk there.  Not that we are going to, mind you, we will drive.

The house is a late 1950s ranch style house, and it is nestled among towering pines--so that you have the feeling that you are far off on some vacation retreat when you are there.  The street is a cul de sac, and they are at the end of it, so there is very little car traffic.  It is so peaceful.  Their street also borders a natural wooded area, and yes, they do see black bears in their yard.

They closed in mid September...  Here are a few photos from the day they got their key, and we are glad Mimi could be with them...

We have enjoyed helping them get the house in order so that they could move in.  All of the painting and other repairs are done to the extent that it is now home for them.

I made sure the drapes were up in the two spare bedrooms, one of which is a den with a sunny outlook and snazzy orange and grey decor.  Of course, you should pay no attention to the man behind the curtain...

Two weekends ago, Mimi and Papa came over for the afternoon, and they were pleased with the progress.  Papa likes the way that the recliner faces the big TV!  Mimi arranged Anne and Steven's flatware so it can be stored away till their first dinner party.

Nice to see the progress they have made in these moments from the past several weeks!

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