Saturday, November 1, 2014


Halloween is a favorite at our house, as we make it a family get together for supper night, and then we watch the little costumed trick or treat crowd as they visit our doorstep.

This year John had to work, but we managed to have everyone else for at least part of the evening.  Tara and Taylor came by, Taylor dressed as a little giraffe and Tara as the zookeeper!  Annie and Steven were with us, and Anne made the apple crisp to go with the main dish.

The main dish was requested by Papa -- Judy's famous maxed-out baked beans.  Yum!  Papa was feeling well enough to come over and have supper with us.  This is only his fourth or fifth outing out of the house since he got home from the hospital mid month in September.  Mimi and Papa both had a good time.  Mimi and Tara and Taylor did some "walking" exercises (no she is not walking yet but can she move when you have her hold your fingers--those toes were made for walking!),  Oh, I mean Taylor of course...

And Papa enjoyed having a bit of quality time with Brantley, here decked out in his Halloween collar!

Watson, the bulldog, is discovering what Brantley the yochon has known all along, that Halloween is a dog's favorite holiday.  They were sure that all of the little Frozen princesses, ghosts, goblins and  pirates were there just to see them!

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