Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Seed...

"Pumpkin Seed" was one of the names of endearment that one of my great aunts gave me when I was an infant.  Not sure where it came from, but maybe part of the lingo that someone who graduated from high school in 1929 would have picked up from the popular culture of the day.

I like to bring those quaint names and phrases from the past into the present day, and so when Judy and I took Taylor to visit the Pumpkin Patch yesterday, the sound of Aunt Alisane saying that to me sort of echoed in my brain, and the result you can see here. 

The first photo is at the Pumpkin Patch, where Taylor found just the right setting to enjoy the sea of orange all around her.  We were the only customers at the moment, and the kindly man who helped us was getting as much joy out of the moment as we all were.

Then we picked out a pumpkin and took it home.  This was entirely Judy's idea--a great one as it turned out, since we hollowed out the pumpkin and then...  Well Taylor fit inside of it perfectly.

She did not exactly love the experience, but she tolerated it long enough for photo ops.  Judy's photos are better than mine of the in-the-pumpkin pose.  This is the best of mine. 

Is there something fun about Halloween in general?  Yes, and a first Halloween in particular, when you can make it as joyful as yesterday was.



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