Thursday, July 31, 2014

There's Plenty of Summer Time Left...

Summer seems to be coming to an end here in Central Florida.

No I do NOT mean the weather. It is hotter than blue blazes just now. Although we have had one of the wettest summers of the 18 we have been in Florida, that has not meant coolness. No it has been heat and humidity, mixed with humidity and humidity and 100 per cent chance of rain for weeks on end. I thought the only rainforest in the continental USA was in Washington state, but I am begniing to wonder if Orlando-land is not creeping up on that statistic, precipitaiton wise.

But I digress as I often do...

Back to summer coming to an end. I can remember when summer ended with Labor Day Weekend. The community swim club closed, the kids (myself inclded) went back to school, and there was just a hint of coolness with the evening breeze. Not so here and now, with school starting up in early August and the cool breeze delaying itself till mid-November or later.

Well, even though the TV is overrun with back-to-school shopping commercials, trust me, there is still time to enjoy summer. If you have not considered it, why not think about a driving trip along one of the more storied roads of our USA. I am speaking of US 10. You thought I was going to say the Pacific Coast Highway perhaps, or Route 66. Both are good choices. But for a different sort of vacation, why not drive the nation, at a pace where you can enjoy it? I did a blog article about that very subject and you can read it here: Best Small Towns on Interstate 10.

Maybe you know some of them?

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