Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hot Diggety Dog...!

Last night for supper we met at BurgerFi.

I suppose most people go to BurgerFi for the burgers. After all, it is in their name. I however prefer their New York Style Hot Dog. Something about a grilled hot dog with just the right fixin's hits the spot. I do have them add the neon green relish, both for flavor and for color. So my dog is a kind of hybrid.

So Anne and Steven, Mimi and Papa, and I met up after work last night and had supper together at Burger-Fi. We saw one of our Wekiva Charter Members pulling out of the shopping plaza's lot as I pulled in (Hi, Mary Bell!). I am guessing she had been to Fresh Market, but maybe she was taking supper home to Fred from Burger-Fi...?

Like me, Mimi and Papa have taken to hot dogs at BurgerFi. Anne and Steven went for the burgers. We all enjoy their rings and fries (they call them "Cries and Frys" - clever!).

If you have not tried one of their "Concrete" desserts - well - you are in for a treat. It is ice cream mixed with some other dessert--the standards are Key Lime Pie (last night's choice), something with lots of chocolate, and "Red Velvet". We usually get "one for the table", and a bunch of spoons, and that seems to be just about right. Last night Judy could not be with us, but that did not prevent her from texting us a request that we take home a red velvet "Concrete" for her.

She managed to eat the whole thing...good for her!

You could travel far and wide to find the other "best" hot dogs around the USA. And in fact, I did an article about that very subject recently. You can read it here: Best Hot Dogs in America.

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