Thursday, July 31, 2014

Le Style Laura Bush...C'est Magnifique...!

Having studied and worked in the field of architecture prior to seminary and ordained ministry, I continue to be interested in things architectural, from finding the work of early Orlando architects to seeing what's doing round the world in the way of buildings and interiors.

As a treat, Judy subscribed to "Architectural Digest" for me and my first issue came in June. About that time, one of the people whom I follow on Instagram posted an AD cover and mentioned that her home would be featured in that magazine's pages. It was not in the June issue, so, fully I expected it would be in the July issue. I was so eager to see it when it arrived; but no, it was not in that one either.

Yesterday, the August issue arrived and - hooray! - the long awaited cover feature along with it. That is, the Texas home of President and First Lady, George and Laura Bush. (Did you know, by the way, that it is always correct to refer to those who have left The White House as "President" and "First Lady", it is kind of like being an elder or deacon in the Presbyterian church, even after you are no longer on the board, once an elder or deacon, always an elder or deacon).

But as I say, there was the photo spread and article about where the Bush family now live.

I must say it is without exception, the most lovely home that I have seen featured in AD or any other "dwelling" themed magazine for many a year. Mrs. Bush has exquisitely good taste. Nothing in excess, all in tremendous visual comfort and style.

The finest compliment I believe you can give to someone about their home is that "It looks like you..." This is precisely the compliment that I would bestow upon Laura Bush about the home she has created.

I dare say that if she wanted to, she could do interior design as a profession and have a long waiting list of clients, eager to have a home in "Le Style Laura Bush". Soft colors, comfortable upholstered furniture, select pieces of fine art, mingle with custom-designed pieces such as a fabulous Laura Bush coffee table and fine old heirlooms (the breakfast table is from grandmother Dorothy) or antiques-sleuthing pieces. There are large expanses of windows looking out on to the wonderfully beautiful Texas landscape of trees and wildflowers.

Serene, soothing, a gentle feast for the eyes: these are the features of Mrs. Bush's handiwork. So much like the lady herself.

Today's designers could take many a cue from the way that Mrs. Bush has created a warm and personable living environment where any who are fortunate enough to visit will feel graciously welcomed and relaxed.

If you subscribe to AD then you will have seen the August issue already. If not, by all means, go and get it.

It is a keeper.

(Photo courtesty of Mrs. Bush's Instagram).

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