Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Day of the Mouse...

Today is January 22... 

The anniversary of the mouse.  No not THE Mouse, as in Mickey--although my Florida readers may have immediately wandered in that direction what with WDW just down the road.  The mouse in question is the COMPUTER mouse.  If you are using a computer mouse today then think happy 29th anniversary.  Think of it!  Twenty-nine years of having all the power of a computer, at the click of your right index finger.

What is a mouse, really? 

A pointing devise, able to detect two-dimensional motion relative to its surface. 

There are:

- Mechanical Mice (I am picturing lithographed tin mice with those wind up stems on the side),

- Tactile Mice (they make for nice pets!),

- Optical Mice (Grandma, what big eyes they have!),

- Inertial Mice (friend of every couch potato),

- Gyroscopic Mice (the whirling dervish of the mouse family),

- 3D Mice (but only if you have those funny glasses),

- Ergonomic Mice (I picture them wearing earth shoes)...

So many mice, so little time! 

The world has become overrun with mice to the point that even the Pied Piper of Hamlin would have a bit of a challenge with their numbers. 

Which is interesting when you think back to when, on January 22, 1984, Apple introduced the mouse...

"How do you do world, here is our mouse..."

...it was during Super Bowl XVIII.  And it prompted PC commentator John Dvorak to state that the mouse was the reason the Macintosh would fail. 

Hmmm.   When it comes to speaking of mice and men, as Robert Burns or John Steinbeck would say, that may be a cautionary tale.

Or is it a cautionary TAIL?

Have a great day!

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