Sunday, January 13, 2013

Tell the Truth to God...

Today is January 13.

Sixty years ago, today, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt wrote in her newspaper column "My Day" about a visit to the boyhood home of her distant relative, Theodore Roosevelt, which provoked shared memories of days long past. This is one of them:

There is also the story of his (Teddy Roosevelt's) saying his prayers, as a little boy, to his mother's half-sister. This half-sister later became Mrs. James K. Gracie, a great aunt whom we all adored as children. She must have really suffered in those early days when she and her mother were sheltered in their Northern son-in-law's house when all of their interests were wrapped up in the South. The story of the prayer was that little Theodore prayed for the success of the Northern army and his aunt was beside herself in tears. His mother heard him from the corridor and came in to reprove him for being so thoughtless and unkind.

His answer silenced her, for he said:

"But Mother, I thought I could tell the truth to God!"

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