Saturday, January 19, 2013

Teddy Taps a Tele!

Today is January 19th...

On this day 110 years ago, U S President Theodore Roosevelt send a message to King Edward VI. Not unusual for a President to communicate with a King, except for the fact that the message was sent by radio. And it was the first time a radio communication was sent from the U S A to Europe.


Sounds transmitted through the ether without means of wires!

You and I take it for granted.  But in 1903 it was BIG NEWS.  Before that there were transatlantic cables laid down on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean at tremendous cost and which did not always work.  It was James Buchanan (America's only President from PA) and Queen Victoria who exchanged pleasantries back and forth by cable back then.  But the cable had a glitch and got overheated (you techies will correct me but I have the story mostly right) and over time the sounds of the telegraph were fainter and fainter until ...  silence reigned.

Hmm...  Maybe THAT was Victoria's Secret?

Then along came radio.  No wires, no cords to get in the way.  Radio originator Marconi convinced TR to take part in a wireless demonstration.  His message was tapped out in Morse Code from South Wellfleet to King Edward.  Here is what he said:

His Majesty, Edward VII
London, Eng.

In taking advantage of the wonderful triumph of scientific research and ingenuity which has been achieved in perfecting a system of wireless telegraphy, I extend on behalf of the American People most cordial greetings and good wishes to you and to all the people of the British Empire.

Wellfleet, Mass., Jan. 19, 1903

Expecting only to receive confirmation from Glace Bay that the message had been relayed to England, Marconi got a direct response from England:

Sandrinham, January 19, 1903
The President, White House,
Washington, America  

I thank you most sincerely for the kind message which I have just received from you, through Marconi's trans-Atlantic wireless telegraphy. I sincerely reciprocate in the name of the British Empire the cordial greetings and friendly sentiment expressed by you on behalf of the American Nation, I heartily wish you and your country every possible prosperity.  

EDWARD R. and I.

(R and I does not mean Rhode and Island, it stands for King and Emperor, in Latin)

Amazing!  BIG NEWS!

Sometimes Christians take BIG NEWS for granted and don't get as excited about it as they should.

Such as who Jesus is and what He has done for us.  Some folks think of Him less than they think instance.  Or think, "He is always there and I can get in touch with him when I feel like it..."  Kind of like whether we turn on  But more so.

Maybe it is time to give more attention to the Lord and Savior of all humanity than is your normal daily practice.

If you do, I will say, along with Teddy Roosevelt:


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