Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winter Garden Memories...

Those of  you who have been reading my blog for some years will recall several years ago when I posted a few photos of the day that daughter Anne and I were over in Winter Garden, on a "photo shoot outing".

Anne and I have been going on photo shoots like that since she was in Lake Brantley High School.  In fact, I was more or less her assistant on those assignments. For one of them, she was to photograph birds in flight.  So Anne got the idea of going to the park in Winter Park so that I could run toward the pigeons in the park, and they would (naturally) take flight and she would snap them mid air.  It was a great idea. Sadly, the pigeons were very clever, and simply ran along the ground in various directions as I ran to and fro in the park.  I am sure all of you would have enjoyed seeing me, flapping my arms and running headlong at those very uncooperative birds!

Anne either did not make any photos of me running after the pigeons, or she has kept them under wraps, for which I am quite grateful!

I was recently reminded of our Winter Garden photo day, and went back to see my file of photos from that day, many of which I had not posted at that time, so I might as well post them now...

For those of you who are familiar with Winter Garden, you will recognize the watertower over the public parking lot. We were glad to see a big nest up there in the watertower which I believe was a bald eagle nest.

We then walked in the general direction of the main street and made what I will call light-and-shadow photos of the industrial buildings along the way...

I wish you could see Anne's photo of this same walk, because she has such a good eye, hers are almost always better than mine. I guess if I spent less time chasing pigeons that would help!

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