Thursday, April 10, 2014

What's in a Name...?

Here is a great photo of Taylor Anne Dalles with her Aunt Anne. Yesterday, our son-in-law Steven told us that he had a nickname for his new little niece, our first granddaughter, whom you met in yesterday's post. 

Tara and John have named her Taylor Anne Dalles.  Such a pretty name, and one with family associations since Taylor is John's middle name and is in honor of his maternal grandfather Donald B. Taylor, so of course is also Taylor Anne's "DeeDee"'s maiden name.  Anne reminds us of other Annes and Anns who came along before her including her Mimi (Patricia Ann) and her DeeDee (Judith Ann).  So, a very nice name indeed. And one that will serve her well in the years to come.

Steven noticed that her initials are TAD...and decided that "Tadpole" was a cute nickname (isn't it!).  When he told us that, we told him he should tell the new parents when he and Anne visited with them and the baby last evening.  So he did...

Lo and behold, John and Tara had already come to the same conclusion.  So at least for now, and probably well into the future, Taylor Anne Dalles will be our little Tadpole. 

She had a good first day yesterday and is embracing the world with a focused interest and curiosity.  She is enjoying all the attention coming her way and taking it in stride.  What could be better!

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