Friday, March 14, 2014

Back ... For Now ...

Back…For Now…

Yes, I have been posting the Wekivawords on this blog, but not much else, for some little while now.

Apparently people have been missing my other posts. I was told that by a dear church member the other day, and another who has retired “Somewhere North of Here”. Well, face it, when you live in Central Florida, almost everywhere is “Somewhere North of Here”.

But I digress.

Now that The Wedding (wonderful in every way) has happened, and on the verge of the arrival of "The Mystery Grandchild" (Enter and sign in, please! We will be surprised about the gender when it happens), it seems a good time to re-start the posts having to do with this and that, observations ranging from religion to architecture to vintage music to whatever else may strike my fancy.

Let me know if you are glad the posts are back. In some ways, in these days of other social media such as Facebook, blogs (like Pogs and Beanie Babies) may not be what they once were.

As I told some of you, I stopped doing the blog posts when I received a message that I had exceeded the allowed number of photos—and you know how much of a part the photos have played in the past posts, or posts past if you prefer. So I thought, “Okay, I will delete a few...” Nope. That did not work. I deleted and deleted and deleted, about two years worth of posts (!) with photos.



So then I thought, “Why bother trying to post anything new, if I had to jettison so many interesting posts from the past?” Besides it is not like I was sitting around twiddling my thumbs wondering how to occupy the lazy hours. So the wind having been taken out of the blogging sails, as it were, I just stopped.

As I say, I will attempt to resume. Like when you hit that button for the cruise control on your car. We will see how it goes. Expect fewer photos, vis a vis the rather rude warning that came my way that prompted the stop in the posts. But if you are willing to read without illustrations, I promise to make every effort to make the posts interesting or inspirational by turns, and occasionally uproarious.

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