Thursday, March 21, 2013

Palms on Palm Sunday

When it comes to Palm Sunday, did you know that palm branches are mentioned only in John’s Gospel?

If you read Matthew, Mark and Luke’s account of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, you will not find any mention of palms.

Why did John tell us that the people waved palm branches? What do the palms symbolize?

Palms were a symbol of triumph and victory in Biblical times. The Romans used palms as a reward for those who triumphed in athletic competitions and military victories. In our Christian faith, the palms represent the triumph of God’s purposes and victory of believers over the soul’s enemies. Palms also indicated the joy of the people. From ancient times people who were celebrating, people who were joyful, would carry palm branches in their hands.

The crowd of people who greeted the Lord with palm branches as He rode into Jerusalem followed this ancient custom in expressing the happiness that was in their hearts, because the long-expected Messiah had come at last.

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