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Now Is the Time to Speak - Winning Hymn in the 2012 Macalester Plymouth United Church 17th Annual Hymn Contest

February 20, 2013

Macalester Plymouth United Church of St. Paul, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the winner of its 17th annual hymn contest, a search for new hymn texts that address the scriptural call to speak out loudly and clearly against injustice, and to unite with others working for change.

The winning hymn, Now Is the Time to Speak, was written by the Rev. Dr. John A. Dalles, the pastor of Wekiva Presbyterian Church in Longwood, Florida. He is a graduate of both Lancaster Theological Seminary (UCC) and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary (PCUSA). A life member of The Hymn Society in the United States and Canada, his hymn texts have been published in a number of denominational hymnals.

2012 Prize Winning Hymn
 Now Is the Time to Speak

by the Rev. Dr. John A. Dalles, Longwood, Florida

Meter 6666D
Suggested tune: INVITATION (MAKER)

Now is the time to speak
of work informed by prayer,
of hands to help the weak,
of bravery to dare.
O may we not keep still,
for there is much to do:
Speak out to do God’s will,
God’s justice to pursue!

Now is the time to speak,
the time to mull has passed;
the future still is bleak
for all who are downcast –
They struggle to provide,
they struggle to be heard,
they call us to their side
to speak God’s saving word!

Now is the time to speak,
for words can lead the way;
achieve the aims we seek
by speaking out today!
May conscience conquer fear,
may courage vanquish doubt.
The time to speak is here:
in faithfulness, speak out!


Copyright © 2012, John A. Dalles

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