Thursday, November 3, 2016

Your Assist is Needed!

Recently a concept has come my way in conversations with members of our congregation and other faithful Christians.  In a sentence, it is this:

The task of our church and every church
is to assist people of all ages
become full-fledged disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The idea of assisting people is entirely Biblical.  The commandment from Galatians that we are to bear one another’s burdens to fulfill the law of Christ is the best example but there are many others.  We know that God is at work in people’s lives, so of course the primary “assist” comes from the Holy Spirit.  People have their own insights, gifts and abilities, but no one can “go it alone”.  Every person needs that inner drive that comes from God.  Also, they need fellow believers.  That’s where our “assist” comes in.
Think about it in basketball terms. An assist is a pass to a teammate who then scores.   When someone “assists”, they themselves do not score.  But without the “assist” it might never happen.  We are all called to that for one another.  We set up the shot, as it were; we help those around us.
How have you been “assisting” others to become full-fledged disciples?  Make a list of at least ten things you have done in the past month that have been “assists” to others.  Look over that list, and then say to yourself, “How will I do the same, in the month ahead?”  Make a new list and keep it before you these next 30 days.  And as you answer that question, here are twelve practical applications of the concept for you to consider for your upcoming month’s list:  I will…

1.     Have a living relationship with God and others, in Christ. – John 14:6
2.     Develop my own and other’s spiritual discernment. – I Cor. 3:2
3.     Put faith in action daily: learn, pray, relate with and serve others. – I. Cor. 12;27
4.     Take the Word of Jesus with me wherever I go. - Col. 3:16
5.     Celebrate and share the glory of God in worship every Sunday. – Ps. 95:6
6.     Make people glad to be with me, offering holy welcome to everyone. – Rom. 12:13
7.     Study the Bible’s Christian ideals and use them in my life. – Ps. 119:105
8.     Value every person for who they could be in Christ. – I Thes. 5:14-22
9.     Apply my best energies for those who need mercy and justice. – Matt. 5:7
10.  Pray alone, pray with others, pray for others, pray unceasingly.  – I Thes. 5:17
11.  Bring my friends to church. – Ps. 122:1
12.  Be joyful and enthusiastic in all that I do. – Phil. 4:4

Your pastor and your friend,

Dr. John A. Dalles

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