Friday, October 9, 2015

A Visit with Aunt Shirley

From Montoursville, we drove west about four hours to Franklin, Pennsylvania, in order to see Aunt Shirley, who is my mom's brother's widow.  Uncle Jimmy died in 1998, and Aunt Shirley lived in their house in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, until this spring, when she left her home and moved to an assisted living community in Franklin, near her niece Joyce.  We planned ahead, and Aunt Shirley knew we were coming.  We had a lovely visit with her and with Joyce and her husband Gary, and Joyce's sister Jan, and Shirley's sister (Jan and Joyce's mother) Nancy.  Here is a photo Judy took of Shirley and me:

The day was blustery, but it was a warm and wonderful gathering.

Now, before we headed on our way, Joyce and Gary has some things from Uncle Jimmy's and Aunt Shirley's home, to give us.  These were mostly photos of our side of the family, things that held no specific memories for Joyce and Jan.  Even though we knew that Jim and Shirley were as we might say, pack rats, we had no idea how much they had saved down the years.  Here are a few photos of our trunk with the six boxes of photos and albums, and of our back seat, where we stowed our suitcases:

I am not sure if Judy is smiling because we managed to get it all in, or if she is waving her wrist to show me it is time to get going...!

Uncle Jimmy was an ordained minister; with the photos, they also gave me some of his stoles, which are worn but very special:

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