Thursday, April 2, 2015

Majestic Mountains...

Anne and Steven have set as a goal to see all of our nation's National Parks. 

I think that is a great "bucket list" for a lifetime's worth of travel and discovery.  They have gotten Judy and me interested in the concept, and we find that we are already "behind" our kids, since they saw so many of the National Parks on their honeymoon road trip.

Anne asked me to put my interest to work, recently, when she asked me to write an article for the free travel blog called Drive the Nation, which she oversees in her work as marketing manager for the Travel Media Group here in Maitland.  So I did some armchair planning in anticipation of a some day trip to see the majestic mountains of the Grand Tetons. 

You can read about it here: Grand Teton National Park

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