Wednesday, January 28, 2015

“Let’s ask Allison...!”

It is all because of the Super Bowl commercial to air this Sunday... 
I saw the sneak peak on Monday morning (it is amazing what you get to see if you are at home watching the grandbaby!).  There was Katie Couric, surely one of the most amazingly lovely people in the universe, as a “special guest”.

The commercial starts with a bit from the Today Show from 1994 where she and Bryant Gumble were discussing this new phenomenon called the Internet and particularly the idea of the @ symbol.  So in the middle of their somewhat confused discussion they said, “Let’s ask Allison.” meaning the senior producer at the Today Show. 

Fast forward to 2015, and the commercial continues (now I will not give it away) but at the end they used the phrase, “Let’s ask Allison” again.  Then, they switched back live to Matt and Katie and then gave us a view of Allison, who is the one who keeps things going for Today, in 1994 and today.  It was great to see her and...

I suspect that Allison is a treasure…

So now, “Let’s ask Allison” is my new go-to phrase about whatever new is on the horizon….

What fun!

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