Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wekiva Presbyterian Church History

Looking back to the origins of what was to become Wekiva Presbyterian Church we see that the Presbytery of St. Johns anticipated the growth of the area that now comprises Sweetwater, Sabal Point, Wekvia Hunt Club, Sweetwater Country Club, and The Springs in the early 1970s. The New Church Development Committee of the Presbytery had recommended the purchase of land, here, in keeping with the expected growth in our area. In August 1976, the Rev. Hugh C. Hamilton was appointed by the Presbytery to begin developing the congregation and soon a nucleus of people began to form.

The church was chartered on May 1, 1977 with 134 persons signing the Charter, making Wekiva the 40th church in the Presbytery. (Now there are more than 70--our Presbytery is good at New Church Development). 

We will post more Wekiva history from time to time.  Come and join us for the next chapter in the ongoing history of this lively and faithful congregation!

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