Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'll Trade You Baltic Avenue...

Today is February 7th...

If I said that today is a day when you take a ride on the Reading Railroad, that there are hotels going up on Boardwalk and Park Place and that if you happen upon the jail make sure that you are just visiting, I think you will understand that it has something to do with the game of Monopoly.

Yes indeed.

On this day in 1935, the classic board game was invented. At least that is the way one of the stories go.  It was based on a "Landlord" game that can be traced to 1903.  You can read all about it elsehwere.

The game has to do with buying, trading and developing property, and is the patron game of all realtors and landlords. One goes round the board, hoping to pass go and collect $200, as a canon or race car or Scottie dog, or other. In the old days there were wooden houses and hotels to be bought and built. Now, they are plastic.

I was first taught to play Monopoly by my uncle who was an ordained minister and a sharp Monopoly player who was very hard to beat.

Monopoly is fun, but it can also be stressful. One New Years soon after I graduated from Penn State, some of my PSU friends and I played the game, and there was one particular player who “never loses” at Monopoly, but managed to do so that evening. I guess you could say she dropped the ball that New Year’s Eve!

Well, if by “chance” you are thinking of what to do this evening or next, why not have a games night?

Just save Marvin Gardens for me!

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