Saturday, October 6, 2012

A New Wall in Our Home - Thanks Nadyne!

Last Sunday was the day that the Wekiva Legacy Society met for its Second Annual Luncheon. 

The Wekiva Legacy Society was formed to say "Thank You" to members and friends of Wekiva Presbyterian Church who have let the church know that they have included the church in their estate planning.  The Endowment Trust Committee hosts the lunch to provide a way to tell the Wekiva Legacy Society members they are appreciated. 

We had a lovely lunch, prepared by Ramona Seaver, who included her incomparable Buttermilk Pie as part of the menu.  The Endowment Trust Committee served the meal and shared gifts with the WLS members, which were the lovely tiles you see above. 

Judy and I are both members of the Wekiva Legacy Society, and we were so touched by the thought and care that Nadyne Pennington took to find and wrap these tiles for each of the WLS members.  We wanted to hang them where we would see them, and decided to include them with a photo collage from our 2006 trip to Europe.  We are so pleased with how the tiles compliment the photos.

So, thanks to all of the Endowment Trust Committee and especially to Nadyne.

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