Tuesday, April 17, 2012


An Anniversary Hymn of Joyful Discipleship
Meter: LMD
Suggested Familiar Tune: JERUSALEM

Christ, who once beckoned, “Follow me!”
When He called people by the sea,
Has built His church by love divine,
And fostered us with gifts sublime.
Through ages long our church so blessed,
Has followed Christ in thankfulness!
And worshiped Him we love the most—
Our Savior, Teacher, Friend, and Host!

Christ, who once taught us, “Feed my lambs!”
When He set forth His great commands,
Has told the church His flock to feed,
To nurture, tend, and meet their need.
To feed God’s people is our goal,
To make the empty well and whole,
To satisfy, by work and praise,
All hungers in all of God’s ways!

Christ, who has sent disciples true,
Into the world with work to do,
Has given us the wherewithal
To satisfy His noble call!
The gifts Christ gave, we pledge to share—
The counsel wise, the talents fair.
Christ, make us generous and good,
To serve your people as we should!

All generations gather near,
Come, thrill anew, as Christ we hear,
Come, share God’s holy meal each week,
Come, join together, faith to seek,
In music and in liturgy,
The Spirit feeds us inwardly.
Forever, praise God in this place,
Forever, know Christ’s love and grace!

Copyright © 2012, John A. Dalles

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Permission granted for one-time use in worship with proper copyright information as shown above. Please do send me one copy of your bulletin if you use the hymn.

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